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VynkPay is a one-stop solution to your payment needs. The application is best for paying for different services with ease. You could pay your electricity bill, do mobile recharge, book airline tickets online, and many more from this application.

VynkPay is designed to provide a user-friendly approach so that the first-time users find it easy to use the application. The application is also furnished with the highest level of encryption to ensure your money is safe. With the ability to use the application to pay for various services, VynkPay becomes a panacea to all your payment related issues.

Highly Secure

A secure way to pay.

Cashback Offers

Cashback offers tailored for you.

User Friendly

Easy to use for first-time users

One App for all

Pay for almost every service.


If you are looking for an application to book tickets easily for your destination at the lowest prices, then your search is over. We present you with VynkSafar, an application furnished with the ability to book tickets for your journey.

With VynkSafar, you can plan your vacation, book tickets for railways, bus, or airways, book hotels and get great offers every time you are using the application. VynkSafar provides you the ability to book the best hotels in the cities of your choice at the lowest price possible. We also offer you the ability to book tickets for different classes for railways and airways, while bringing the best deals in the process.

Book Hotels

Book the best hotels.

Book Tickets

Book Air, rail and bus tickets

Easy Cancellation

Easy cancellation with refund

100% Safe and Authentic

Authentic and safe booking.


VynkStores is a platform for buying and selling goods of your choice. Both sellers and buyers are benefitted from VynkStores, as the buyers get the products at discount rates, while the buyers get the access to a large pool of customers by paying a nominal fee.

VynkStores allows you to buy all kinds of products from a single store, helping you to buy products from the comfort of your room. The sellers from different states could register themselves on the platform and can start selling and get money on time.


Discounted rates than offline market.

One App, many products

Buy a plethora of products at one place.

Fast Delivery

Lightning Fast delivery of products.

Fast Payments

Get paid quickly after sales.


The platform is the world's first decentralized token-based affiliate marketing network which gives the shops present globally, an efficient and secure crypto currency solution. The platforms serve as a ground where the customers can interact directly with the seller, cutting down the middle-men and get the best deals.

The platform is highly-optimized and brings a great amount of efficiency to the e-commerce transactions. The platform serves as a bridge between different currencies and cryptocurrency with safe and encrypted services, which are outside the jurisdiction of the government and therefore, giving you full liberty over your money.


Safe mode of currency.


No involvement of government.

Direct Connection

Get directly linked without any 3rd party involvement.

Easy to use

User-friendly approach.