Who are we

Transforming the ordinary into extraordinary!

Giving you a nonpareil shopping experience with offers tailored out for you

VynkPay is a subsidiary of Elite Ikonique International Private Limited. The company works as an affiliate marketing company. With VynkPay you get the solution of shopping globally with no interference from any third-party. We don’t impose any limit on your transactions to alleviate your shopping experience and make it more flexible.

Get discounts on every purchase you are making on the Vynk Store platform and save your hard-earned money. All the prices you see on the platform are less than what you would find in an offline market. All the products sold by us are checked and shipped with full diligence to give you a unique experience.

Shop all you want with VynkPay at your service.

We help you shop not only from our platform at Vynk Store but from all the leading online shopping platforms making it easier for you to buy goods from the global market. We have also introduced the loyalty points system to help you get a unique experience.

You can get loyalty points with every purchase you are making. Collect and redeem these points and shop more for the products you desire. We work in close coordination with the government and are compliant with the latest regulations to ensure that everything we do is according to the law and our customers do not bore the brunt in future.

One portal, multiple service.

VynkPay is one of the leading payment portals present on the internet that you can download on your phone be it iOS or android. The application is compatible with almost every device.

You could use the application to perform transactions for almost every type of service which includes, recharge, gift cards, online shopping, food orders bill payments, bookings services (flight, hotel, bus, taxi), e-commerce, movie ticketing, buying subscriptions to different platforms, etc.

The application is engineered to be used easily by the users who are using the application for the very first time so that they are not facing any problem. With proper encryption the application is one of the safest methods to use today.


The application is fully encrypted which makes it one of the safest transaction methods present today.

Easy to use

The application is very easy to use with its super-efficient UI and UX.

One App multiple Services

The application could be used for performing payments for a plethora of services.

Why choose us?

Easy online Integration

The application is easy to set up and gets up running in absolutely no time.

Brand Engagement

For merchants, the application is a great source to engage with the customers.

Enhanced Security

With proper encryption, the application is a top-notch solution for your transaction needs.

Fast Purchases

The application could be used to perform fast transactions with ease.

No Transaction Fees

No transaction fee is charged when you are making any purchase.

Increased Sales

The merchants get access to a larger set of audience when they collaborate with the application.

Become a part of next generation of shopping!